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11.11.1927 - 26.01.2009

Im Gedenken an Rosa Rosenkind. Die stärkste, liebste und lustigste Frau die ich kenne...und meine kleine Oma

19. March 2008

The sensible (sensing/ sensitive) computer

"der Koerper beeinflusst das was wahrgenommen und dadurch was gelernt werden kann

deswegen sind sie (aktuelle Roboter, Spielecharaktere) so primitiv, weil sie so primitiv gebaut sind

je komplexer ein koerper ist, destso vielfaeltiger seine Ausdruckmoeglichkeiten."

Die Welt zuerst in ihrer Abstraktion wahrzunehmen um dann ueber den evolutionären Trainingsweg durch Mutationen und steigende interne Komplexität einen Grad an Spezifikation zu erreichen der dem Organismus erlaubt in seiner Domäne nachhaltig zu überleben.

18. March 2008

Ich will nicht keine Fehler machen,
Ich will nur neue machen

It is not that I dont want to make mistakes,
I just want to make new ones

14. March 2008

Was kann man schon aus Schmerz lernen? Nur dass es ihn gibt, aber nichts über die Gerechtigkeit.

Schmerz kann wie die Wut blind machen und uns die Fähigkeit nehmen empatisch zu handeln

Wir müssen aber fähig sein Empathie für die zu empfinden, die Schmerz in uns verursachen. Erst dann werden wir nicht mehr Sklaven ihres Willens sein.

13. March 2008

First personal blog entry ever. Ill include the ones that I did for myspace in a sec...

Infinity Ring Theory - Monday 02/01/2006

Ring Theory,
Try this, Think of a ring, just a circular line, really thin. Now make that ring as big as you can in your mind.
Make it even bigger. Make it so big that you can't even see the whole ring anymore
In youre mind you should now be looking at a curve, its edges stretching out and upwards to infinity keep making the ring bigger
you should see that the line is becoming flatter and flatter, until its completely flat. At some point you won't be able to honestly state that your thinking of a ring anymore, but only an infinite line.
This is how I explain finite linear time within an infinite Universe.
the snake bites its tail
Next we will turn the Ring into a sphere to show multiple (not parallel) universes.

Remark No. 1 - Thursday 05/01/2006

Die Hölle ist das was man sieht wenn man vom Himmel herunter schaut.
Hell is what you see when you look down from Heaven.

Infinity Ring Theory 2 -

Everything infinite is a ring, folding in on itself.
Because we see that the ring represents a linear reality we have to make at intersection point. At this intersection point, we form a singularity between the two extents of time (ie 12 and 0 O'Clock on a watch, in a world that lasts merely a day).
Now lets think of our universe, where proven, singularities exist. If we see these singularities as joins (or more picturesqueley, knots) of time and space then time travel seems manageable. As time and space are inherintly bound together, no two "things" can ever "be" at any point in space at the same time.
The universe contains every occurrance of anything that every happened, regardless of future or past and where everything was at the time ; )
(MMR 22 jan 2006 21:04)

No Parallel Universes - Tuesday 11/04/2006

From knowing that there is a past and a future we define the present. All we know stems from the past and life itself defines the future (ie energy cannot be destroyed, only converted, so what "is", will always "be").
So if we accept both the future and the past as existing "now", then what we think of as the "universe" contains all that has happened and all that will happen at the same time: now
Confusing? Well, its difficult to write these things down as I can't answer any questions that come up inbetween, but just imagine that all physical "space" and all "time" (ie states of this space) are present at the same "time", now. The current state, all we can see, hear or sense in any other way is really an illusion. But for now accept that everything "is" at the same instant. If you were to travel "within" that instant, you would not be changing anything. So say we travel in space, were not changing all that is around us. Same for time. If we travel in time we merely change our location in space/time, within that whole, that instant. We can not go "back" and change the "future", were merely moving about within this univeral time/space and not changing "it" or creating alternative realities or parallel universes. Another thing is, the universe is essentially analogue if we look at it as a whole, everything happens at a distinct time. If we were to use an infinetley accurate clock and measure the changes of state of anything in the universe, we'd find that everything happens at a distinct time. Parallelism is an illusion that requires us to define concepts of things, but if we accept that all is one, then everything becomes sequential, or analogue in a sense.
(Tuesday April 11, 2006 "I got up at 7 this morning and it was snowing")
(Tuesday April 11, 2006 "Edit, missing an important 'not', added it")

HOW - Wednesday 06/12/2006

I am sick and tired. I'm not annoyed, actually just sick... and tired, but I really want to get rid of this thought I had a while ago. It came up during a chat I had with a friend, it was completely off topic, but then again I don't really think this thought has a topic.
I was watching this show on Dark matter with scientists talking about these highly theoretical models. Specifically, they were talking about how the rigid model of our universive with the neutonian idea of gravity was replaced by the model of relativity by einstein.
My thought was that there were two different ways of thinking that were beeing contrasted here- the one way of thinking and understanding the universe was trying to answer the question "what" was happening around us. The other - and this is that feels much more compelling to me - is "how" IT is happening.
The point is that with everything being relative, there are no actual things, no "what" to find out there. All we can ask ourselves is "how" this one thing that we see behaves.
Its often hard for me to describe what I imagine and its even harder to do so outside of a conversation, because I don't know if I'm beeing implausable, but let me try at least: With "how" I mean the aesthetics of life the universe and everything (thanks douglas...). For example its not the fact "that" a planet moves around a sun, but the "way" it moves.
I think this sounds a lot like mixing two completely different things - art and science, but I strongly believe that if we can actually "connect" those two or rather accept art as the science of "how" - we will feel its right.
I for my part often find that I have to strain myself if I want to actually "feel" the distance between us and a distant star. But when I do I also start feeling the momentum of movement between us.
I think I'm incapable of explaining this today, but Ill have more on this sometime soon, my eyes are too strained I have to get to bed.

Research Blog

This is my research blog. I started my PhD at the University of Brighton in October 2007.
Topics in my project include videogames, interaction-gameplay/flow, artificial life and animation.

18. March 2008

Finally getting to grips with honing in on my thesis title/question. The problem was the wide range of fields that effect my topic - ranging from evolution/biology over cognitive psychology to AI and computer graphics.

I am currently reading papers by Steve Grand (developed "Creatures" game series), Dave Cliff (Uo Bristol, Uo Southhampton) and Pattie Maes (MIT Media Lab) on integrating Alife agents into interactive entertainment.

I am also still keeping Valentino Braitenberg's (Max-Planck Institute Thueringen) Vehicle designs in mind. A summary of Alife papers (more on the definition of the field) collected by Margaret Boden (Uo Sussex) provides a sound background.

I have found several papers about emotional modelling, interactive narrative (novel gameplay) and actor performance by Michael Mateas (Uo California) and Andrews Stern (Creator of the "dogz" desktop pet), who both made large strides in terms of emotional agents, even before their game Facade.

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